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Justice Allah

Justice Allah

Justice Allah

Justice Allah

Justice Allah

Justice Allah


 Michael J. Henry A.K.A. Da God Justice Allah

Q. How long have you been in the game?

A. I have been in the game for about 24 years. I have been in and out of major studios working with several artists behind the scenes. Then in 1998 I produced my first studio album.


 Q. What was the first album you were featured on?

A. The first album I was featured on was 7-15-4 Compilation. After that featured appearance I chose to fall back from the lime light and just stick to producing. I appeared here and there on several small projects until 2004, when I was featured on the South Wild Island Hustlers Compilation. After that I left the game to further my education. I have received an Associate’s Degree in Business and I’m on track to receive a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Production & Editing. 


Q. How did you get started in the game?

A. I was born in the 70’s which was when Hip Hop itself was born. So you can say I got in on the ground floor. I started rapping was I was 10 and producing by the age of 17. So I’ve been in the game sense it started. 


Q. How would describe your style?

A. I would describe my style as being an “educational story teller”. I tell story about things I lived and I basically tell my listeners what I’ve learned through my experiences.


Q. Where did you get your name?

A. I received my name from my enlightener King Universe Science, Which is Master Truth Justice Allah. I received this name while I was studying Islam. When I became a solo artist I dropped the Master Truth and went with Justice Allah A.K.A. Justamon. Justamon is my pharaoh name. I’m heavy into the Egyptian history and culture because Egypt is the land of the Gods and one of the cultures that originated Science and Math.


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